We have found a new restaurant to add to our list of favorites in Cincinnati. Bite is a farm to table restaurant in Milford with a menu that changes with the seasons. They utilize ingredients from local farms and even from their own backyard. There is something for everyone on the menu, whether you be a carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian, vegan or even gluten free.

Bite Restaurant

Here is some more information about Bite Restaurant from their website:

Bite believes that eating local is part of a bigger picture, the slow food movement. A movement that believes the future of food is the future of the planet. That food should nourish a healthy lifestyle, and be fresh, seasonal and local. And it provides us with a smaller carbon footprint in the process. We believe in using nontoxic cleaners in the restaurant. Our organic grounds now include a beehive, composting, recycling, and repurposing bins.

Bite is a casual restaurant with a very unique menu that believes that food feeds not just a person’s hunger but also their soul. Living by these values makes the restaurant run smoothly and keeps our customers satisfied, we use a POS System to manage the restaurant as well as have fantastic soulful food! There are so many systems to choose from, you may want to do some research before deciding what is right for you, just like we decide what produce is right for us to make our delicious food. A come as you are BYOB restaurant that works with local farmers and believes in supporting the community. Bite grows on its two-acre property organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, and nuts. One can imagine they have a great utility provider found through someone similar to Utility Bidder. Probably one of the reasons the business does so well.

Henry was pretty excited about his cheeseburger. I tasted just a bite of it and it was not your ordinary kids meal burger, the meat was great and very tasty.

The kids menu included Lobster Mac and Cheese, which Max thought was delicious:

Ella had a Basil Pesto Mozzarella Flatbread with Tomatoes, and it must have been good because she did not even save me one bite to taste:

I ordered the Cheese Plate and it was off the hook! It had some fabulous cheeses along with bread, nuts, strawberries, pears and crackers. I had never had a cheese plate with so many different options before. It was impressive!

Michael had the Blackened Chicken Breast Sandwich:

Shop local at Bite:

Or play a game of checkers on the porch:

We had a great lunch at Bite, and I envision us returning again when we can! The only downside about Bite is that it is not closer to my house, otherwise we would be eating there on a regular basis. Be sure to bring your own adult beverages with you when you go to Bite…it’s BYOB! Let me know in the comments if you have been to Bite and what your favorite thing on the menu is!