Do you love candles?  You need to visit the Candle Lab OTR.

Do you love creating things?  You need to visit the Candle Lab OTR.

Do you need a unique gift for someone special?  You need to visit the Candle Lab OTR.

The Candle Lab OTR is a really cool shop where you can create your own candle with a scent you put together by acting as your own mixologist.  They offer a wall of different candle scents, from “old books” to “lavender” and everything in between.  You decide what you would like your candle to smell like and then the shop’s employees walk you through the rest.  The process is very simple, let me tell you about it…

The Candle Lab OTR ~

First things first, open the door and take in the beautiful scents.

Here are the instructions in a nutshell:

There are many containers to choose from for candles:

And even more scents:

I wasn’t kidding about the old books:

After you choose your scents take a seat at the counter and someone will help you mix the scents to make your perfect candle:

While you wait you can design a sticker for your candle:

Once you have created the perfect scent the employees will help you finish up:

And when you come back an hour later your candle will be ready to take home:

The Candle Lab carries many other products besides candles, including gift sets ready to take home:

Many thanks to my little sister for gifting Ella and I with this candle making experience.  We had a wonderful girl’s day out!  Plan your visit soon with your favorite people, or pick up a gift for your next gift-giving occasion.

The Candle Lab OTR is located at 1325 Vine Street in Cincinnati