Happen, Inc. is THE place to be if you want to create some crazy works of art and have an immense amount of fun.  Happen, Inc. is located in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati and offers really unique art experiences geared toward strengthening families and bringing the community together.

Right next door to Happen, Inc. is the “Toy Lab”, which is the coolest party space for kids that I have ever been to, not to mention it is a really low-maintenance place to throw a party.  We showed up with a cake, snacks and drinks and the great folks at Happen pretty much did the rest!  We ordered pizza for the kids from the New York Pizza Company down the street, which was cheap and tasty.  The party guests arrived, we fed them pizza and cake and then the toy building began!   Each child got to select a certain amount of toy parts and then the Toy Lab Professors put each child’s creation together just as they want it to look.

At the end of the party each guest and the birthday boy got to take home their own one of a kind toy.  And Sam the birthday boy will get a t-shirt in the mail with a picture of his toy creation, and all of the toys will be on the Happen Toy Lab website!  This certainly was not your run of the mill birthday party.  A fun time was had by all, and the best part is that the money I paid for the party will go towards more great programs at Happen, Inc.

I also want to say that along with the great party space and cool concept behind the Toy Lab Birthday parties, the Toy Lab Professors were awesome!  Days before the party they emailed me detailed instructions and tips for hosting a well organized party.  On the day of the event a Professor met us outside and helped us lug in our stuff.  And throughout the party the professors were calm, cool and collected while putting together each child’s toy.

Also, keep in mind that Happen Inc. accepts donations, so if you want to help make fun happen at this great place you can send in your outgrown toys or make monetary donations!

Happen’s Toy Lab in a nutshell:

Happen’s Toy Lab is the perfect place to host a one of a kind birthday celebration for the creative kid in your family! Toy Lab birthdays are perfect for kids ages 6 – 12 and provide a truly creative and environmentally smart adventure in upcycling! (from the Toy Lab website)

A Birthday Party at the Happen, Inc. Toy Lab in Northside

Sam is a little otter-obsessed….

Receiving their instructions from one of the Toy Lab Professors:

The Happen Toy Lab is located at 4203 Hamilton Avenue in Northside.