There are many great breweries in our area to choose from, but I  have only been to one that is in a church basement and that is Urban Artifact in Northside.  There is great beer (with quirky fun names) and great live music at Urban Artifact.  And if you find yourself itching to play bingo because you are in a church basement they have a wide variety of games available for play.  They have indoor and outdoor space at the old Saint Patrick’s church to enjoy your beer.  The bathrooms remind me of my early years in Catholic school and I love the art adorning the walls!  I have never had so much fun in a church basement!

We spent an afternoon playing games and tasting their craft brews while dining on cookies.  They also offer an event space in the church (which is being renovated), where you can have a wedding or other special event in a historic catholic church.  I feel like Urban Artifact is already awesome, but also a work in progress with their event space.  They are continuing to grow and bloom – you can even find their cans in stores.  I cannot wait to see what comes next with this amazing local brewery!

Urban Artifact

Urban Artifact is located at 1660 Blue Rock Street in Northside, Cincy