For many months now my husband has been working with our children to build a little library.  Have  you heard of these wonderful creations?  A little library is a way to put more free books out in the community for people to share.  The idea behind the little library is to take a book and/or leave a book.  You may take home a book about giants and love it so  much you want to keep it a while, or you could return that book about aliens you have had for years and never read that someone else might like to read.

Our little library was created to look like an old pioneer cabin that sits on the Licking River.  Once completed, our library was installed at the Nature Play area at the Behringer Crawford Museum.  This project took a long time to put together because it often took a back seat to all of the other “busy”ness going on at our house. Sometimes it is hard to find time amongst the running around to soccer practices, band concerts and everyday errands, but over the months they managed to put it together.  I loved watching the kids work alongside their dad, learning about tools, carpentry and building.  And it was special to design the library to look like a cabin we love dearly.

Have you created a little library?  Do you have one in your neighborhood?  Check out pictures from our project below and then find out more about creating your own library.

Nature Play Little Library Family Project

Here are some pictures of the progress of our little library through the very many months that it was constructed.

This little library can be found at the Nature Play area at the Behringer Crawford Museum in Devou Park.  The next step will be to get the library registered as an official Little Free Library.  Visit the Little Free Library website for more information about building your own library!  Another concept much like the Little Free Library is the Little Free Pantry, which is the same idea, only you share food and toiletries with those who need it.  I might have to keep this in mind for a future family project…

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