The Globe in Covington is a great little bar with a lot of pizzazz and fantastic cocktails. Before it was a trendy place to get a drink though The Globe was a little bit seedier.  In fact, I can remember walking past this building as a young girl when it was a gentleman’s club called The Venus Club.  I distinctly remember the aroma of smoke and stale beer pouring from the building.

The new owners have really spruced the place up and put a new dress on it, so to speak.  The stage and poles are gone, and they have been replaced with comfortable couches and chairs.  The walls are adorned with pictures from yesteryear of boats belonging to the owner’s family.  There are little touches of the family’s history throughout the bar, and even a few touches left behind from it’s days as a strip club.  There are a few tables from The Venus Club used as plant stands and the vintage Venus Club sign still hangs in the bar, but these items blend seamlessly in with new decor.

Next time you find yourself out on the town in Covington stop by The Globe for a handcrafted cocktail.   You might even find yourself there on a night that they have live music, which is an added bonus!

The Globe in Covington

Hot Toddy & Live Music with Kyle Knapp:

The Globe is located at 12 East 5th Street in Covington