Friends, I am here to tell you that Libby’s Southern Comfort in Covington is the bees knees and you need to get yourself there soon!  I broke one of my cardinal restaurant rules last week and went to Libby’s Southern Comfort restaurant just weeks after it opened.  I usually  like to give new restaurants a few months to work out the kinks and growing pains before checking them out.  But that was not a concern for Libby’s Southern Comfort because they were on point in every way and I cannot wait to go back.  We arrived early in the evening and got a table right away but it was not long before the whole place was hopping.

Want to know more about Libby’s?  It’s all in their name – southern comfort.  Southern comfort food and sweet southern hospitality.

My sister and I felt it our duty to try as many dishes as we could when we dined there and each dish was better than the last.  The menu at Libby’s Southern Comfort offers up some really interesting food and cocktail items.  The Cheerwine Bourbon Slush and Fried Chicken Skins were my favorite.  These Fried Chicken Skins were a dream come true, they are dangerously delicious!  Who needs the whole chicken when you can snack on just the skin?!?  But if you want the meat with the skin you have several options for Fried Chicken – half chicken, whole chicken, chicken sliders, or even a few pieces of chicken.  But it is not all about the Fried Chicken at Libby’s.  There are sandwiches (I give two thumbs up to the Pork Belly BLT), salads, soups, meatloaf and more!   No matter what you order though, make sure you leave room for dessert because the Scratch Hand-Crafted Dessert’s Oatmeal Cream Pies are scrumptious.

It is not just the food that makes Libby’s superb.  The service at Libby’s was nothing short of fabulous.  Our server took such good care of us and did not judge when we ordered more than our fair share of food.  We ordered so much that I had some leftovers to take home for the fam, so it was a win-win.  I got to have a girl’s night out and not have to make dinner when I got home.  Just writing this post is making me long for another Cheerwine Slush.  If my pictures below make you drool then you need to make plans to get to Libby’s Southern Comfort in Covington soon.

Libby’s Southern Comfort in Covington

Happy Hour:

Fried Chicken Skins:

Cheerwine Bourbon Slush:

Goetta Hush Pupppies:

Pork Belly BLT

Fried Chicken Sliders:

Scratch Hand-Crafted Desserts Oatmeal Cream Pie:

Art from Local Artists adorns the walls, like this Jeffrey Johns painting:

The Patio…waiting for warmer days:

Hungry yet?

Libby’s Southern Comfort is located at: 35 West 8th Street in Covington

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