The OMNIMAX at the Cincinnati Museum Center has a new show opening this week and you are not going to want to miss it.  CUBA: Journey to the Heart of the Caribbean fits an amazing amount of information into just forty minutes of footage and stories that will captivate you from the opening scenes to the end credits.  I have seen many OMNIMAX films over the years but this was for sure the most breath-taking show yet.  This film takes you right into the heart and soul of Cuba by teaching the audience about the long rich history of this beautiful island while giving you a window in to the world of Cuba today.

I learned so much about Cuba in less than an hour.  I learned about Cuba’s love of ballet and old American cars.  I learned about the coral reefs of Cuba.  I learned about celebrations and traditions and farming techniques.  I left the show wanting to dig deeper and learn more about Cuba and I also want to see the show again, this time with my family because it is is something they would all enjoy.  CUBA: Journey to the Heart of the Caribbean opens at the OMNIMAX on Friday, June 7th.  If you don’t believe me yet about how special this show is then take a look at this video…it will surely convince you!

More details about the show from the CMC Website:

CUBA: Journey to the Heart of the Caribbean

Tour the landscape, dive beneath the waves and dance in the streets of Cuba

Cuba tells the powerful story of a land preserved in time, yet poised on the cusp of dramatic change. The nation’s vibrant culture, meticulously maintained colonial architecture and pristine ecosystems provide a vivid window into the island’s history and spirit. Cuba transports audiences across breathtaking landscapes, under the ocean surface to iridescent reefs and into streets throbbing with music and dance in the heart of Havana.

Through the eyes of Cuban artists, historians and scientists, the film provides an intimate look at this vivacious island nation. Filmed exclusively for the giant screen format, Cuba reveals why Cuba continues to stir the imagination of the world.

Cuba is produced by Golden Gate 3D, in association with BBC Earth, Giant Screen Films and the Giant Dome Theater Consortium.

Visit the Cincinnati Museum Center website for more details to plan your visit to the Museum and purchase tickets for the show.  

Cincinnati Museum Center

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Disclaimer:  I was invited to a Media Preview to watch CUBA: Journey to the Heart of the Caribbean, all opinions in this post are 100% my own as always.  Information for the post came from the Cincinnati Museum Center website.