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Pretty Party Prep

Look at some of our beautiful bounty from Findlay Market! Lots of good stuff in the works for grandma’s 89th birthday bash!

Country Bumpkins

max the explorer not in the mood for pictures… Candyland! Michael’s yummy paninis… Ella, Sam and Max muddy little frogs! This weekend we took the kids to a little cabin in the woods, on the edge of the Licking River. It was wonderful to leave our to-do lists, taxes, laptop and responsibilities behind. We watched...
Easy Snickers Pie Recipe

Easy Snickers Pie Recipe

If you love Snickers candy bars then you will love this Easy Snickers Pie recipe. My cousin Vicky made this pie for me several years ago, and it is one of my favorite pies!  It is SCRUMPTIOUS! This Snickers Pie is so easy to make, there’s no need to bake and they are always a...