I love to sew but I am no expert.  In fact, I can only sew straight lines, so I am always on the lookout for easy sewing projects!

Easy Sewing Projects:


I am slowly teaching myself how to sew with a machine….in the past week I’ve made three new skirts for Ella using this fabulous free (and easy) pattern from Oliver + S and then I made a pair of pirate pajama shorts for Max using an easy pattern I bought at Joann Fabrics.  I can’t wait to sew some more!
If you are new to sewing and want a super easy sewing pattern that Oliver+S skirt pattern is so easy and so versatile!  The pattern possibilities are endless and it’s ALL straight lines so it is a good learning pattern!
Some of my favorite EASY Sewing Projects:
and then there was that time I made a quilt for a stuffed otter….
Share your easy sewing patterns in the comments below!