The Lazer Kraze Giveaway is now CLOSED.  Thanks to all who entered!  I hope that even if you didn’t win, you will check out Lazer Kraze, it really is a fun place to play!  Congrats to our winner:  Brenda, who is giving Dad: “possibly a grill basket, a CD, and a hat from the cincy zoo.” for father’s day.  All of the gift ideas were awesome…thanks for the inspiration!  Brenda, email me with your address and I’ll mail the tickets to you Monday!  My email address is:  Katie(at)Cards-by-Katie(dot)com

Last week we were given the opportunity to take the family to Lazer Kraze in Erlanger and check out all the fun they have to offer.  This may seem unbelieveable considering I have four kids (2 of which are obsessed with Star Wars), but we’ve never been to Lazer Kraze!  We knew they had laser tag, but that’s about all I knew about them.  After visiting, I can tell you that Lazer Kraze is much much more than just laser tag!  Upon entering Lazer Kraze you feel like you’ve entered some kind of futuristic space craft.  There are video games galore, and then there’s the Mission Briefing room entrance that looks like it’s right out of Battlestar Gallactica.  And hidden in the back is a room full of GIANT inflatables for the kids to bounce around on.  It’s a child’s dream come true to go here.  But not just a child’s dream come true…the adults in our group had a blast too!

When we got there we checked in with the front desk and were told that we would be called to the mission room when it was time for our session in the Laser tag room.  We were called in, and an employee went over the basic rules with us…no running, no physical contact, no profanity (I might have broken this rule several times during our visit), and no sitting/laying down.  Next we got our vests on, and received our phasers.  The purpose was to hit each other’s vest in certain locations, and they kept an electronic tally of how many shots everyone had during the play.  Then we were set free in the game room (arena).  I’m not sure I can adequately explain the coolness of this room…it’s dark, lit by black lights, and there is haze everywhere.  There are many hiding places, two levels, ramps, bases, outposts, and more.  The mission is 12 minutes long, but you feel like you are in the arena for much longer.  I didn’t do very well tagging people, I was focused on taking pictures and distracted by the giggles of my children.  I was also the target of all three of my kids the entire time I was in there.  It was as if they’ve waited their entire lives to chase mama around a dark room trying to tag her!  They all had so much fun!

After the mission, we left the room, got our scores and proceeded to the Inflatables room, where the kids ran, jumped, slid, played and squealed with delight.  And they played some basketball with their dads.  It really was so much fun.  Then we played some arcade games and skiball in the galactic gaming room.  The kids were so intent on winning their tickets and trading them in for trinkets.

We went to Lazer Kraze with my brother & sister in law and their kids, and my brother.  I polled everyone as we left and they all said what a fun time they had.  I thought when we went that it would be a fun thing for the kids to do, but I was wrong, Lazer Kraze is a blast for the whole family!  This place isn’t just for boys…it isn’t just for kids…it isn’t for people who like sci-fi and laser guns…it’s really a great place to take people of all ages! See this $1,000 PC build for even more gaming fun.

I really appreciate Lazer Kraze sharing the tickets with me, so that my family could have this adventure, and even better, they gave me a set of tickets to give one lucky reader on my blog!  This would be a great giveaway to win for a fun Father’s Day!  Take dad and the kids to Lazer Kraze to play and have fun like you are young again!

I have a family pack of tickets for Lazer Kraze which includes 8 Single Mission Passes & 2 Admissions for the Inflatables (open-play).  These admissions are for the Erlanger location, so this contest is limited to those who live in the Greater Cincinnati area.

How to Win:
** Leave a comment below telling me what you are giving DAD for Father’s Day (I’m looking for ideas!)
** For a 2nd chance to win, share the contest with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or even call a friend!  Leave a seperate comment telling me you did so.

Contest ends Saturday, June 11th at 1pm**.  I will draw a random winner.  The winner has 48 hours to reply or another name will be drawn.  Be sure to leave your contact info!  And please look me up on facebook and “Like” the little things blog page!

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**please note:  the giveaway end date has changed from Friday to Saturday, due to a conflict, I won’t be home on Friday to draw a winner 😉