Raindrop Mobile

Yesterday afternoon was dark & stormy, and that kind of weather called for some book reading & crafting.  So first I collected a bunch of books about weather for the kids to read.

The craft I picked was inspired by a Cloud Mobile post I saw on Crafty Crow.  I had trouble printing the images from the post, so I created my own using clip art.  Another option would be to have the kids draw their own clouds and raindrops, but I knew that Sam would be frustrated by this, so I made printables.

For this project you need paper for the cloud & raindrops (or printables), yarn, tape, scissors & crayons (the kids drew designs & wrote words on their clouds and raindrops).
First they cut out the raindrops and clouds (great for fine motor skills)
Then they taped their raindrops to yarn they attached to the cloud.  Ella loved using the masking tape.
These aren’t great depictions of their finished products…Max’s is backwards, on the front he had written “bam boom rumble” for the thunder, and Sam had drawn lightening on his.  Sam got frustrated with the cutting, so his raindrops are square.  He did not want any help from Mama, he wanted square raindrops.
This was a great craft, quite uncomplicated, and gave the munchkins something to distract themselves while I made dinner.