Michael just returned from a ten day trip to Canada.  He explored Quetico with my Dad and two of their friends.  They traveled fifteen+ hours to get there, and once inside the park they traveled well over sixty miles canoeing, portaging & camping.  The pictures made me wish I had been with them, and his stories kept us captivated this morning as we quite simply sat and enjoyed his presence back at home.  We sure were lost without him for so long!
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Quetico ::

9252011 060


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Home away from home:

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The “bar”, from left to right: Knob Creek, Four Roses, Blanton’s and Old Weller:
9252011 092
The Guys:
9252011 095
My man:
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9252011 141
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My pops can find a quiet spot for reading anywhere he goes:
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My two guys:
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