Our house was built in the early 1950’s by my husband’s grandfather. It is the home that my father-in-law grew up in. We lived here when we first got married (in the upstairs apartment), and then moved away for a couple years. In 2006 Michael’s grandmother moved to an apartment in an assited living home and we moved back to this house. We love the fact that we are raising our children in this family home. Our dining room is a collection of random treasures..from children’s art work to our wedding china. When Michael’s grandparents lived here the dining chairs made by Charles Eames were always spotless and beautiful. Nowadays it’s a multi-purpose room. Yes, sometimes it is spotless and pretty, but only for a few moments before a party starts. It’s usually a catch-all kind of room…so many activities going on at once…homework, card-making, sewing, board games, and the list goes on. You get the picture. And sometimes we eat in there too, if I can clear all the clutter work off the table. In our dining room we still use the same table & buffet that Michael’s grandparents used for so many years. Only I think the items we store on the buffet are much different than what Michael’s Grandmother used to display on it, she always had such lovely pieces decorating the space. While our buffet may seem cluttered, it’s a snapshot of our lives.
A lovely orchid, wooden bowls made by my brother in law, materials for a Thank You card order, Lego minifigures, a Lego dragon, a Vodka bottle shaped like a skull, a beautiful figurine made by my great grandmother, a small dish from France that my father gave me, and dried roses from my grandparents funerals.