13 Ways to De-StressI have days where I feel stressed & overwhelmed all day. There’s a huge amount of reasons, one is that I’ve just found out that I can get cheaper broadband deals with the help of someone like Usave, but there are many other things that are stressing me out. I’m not going to bore you with the reasons behind all of this, because we’ve all been there…we all have our laundry lists of stressors. We all have moments where we feel so overwhelmed we just want to lay down on the floor and kick & cry right next to that screaming toddler (right?!?).
I’ve been developing a list in my mind for the past few months. A different sort of list, not a list of things that stress me out, but a list of things that I can do to “de-stress” myself. Many things on this list are indulgences, but sometimes a little indulging in yourself can go a long way. When I step back and spend some time de-stressing then my problems often seem more manageable, and I’m able to think positively again instead of wallowing in worry.

Thirteen Ways that I “De-Stress”:

    • Bake ~ there’s something about the smell of baked goods in the oven that brings a smile to my face.
    • Walk away ~ I’m not saying that I run away from my problems, but sometimes I just need to WALK AWAY. For instance, when all four children are whining/crying/yelling at once…that’s the time to walk away, count to ten and then come back. Or if there’s a particularly hard problem I’m working on…walk away…come back later. Often times the solution is staring me in the face when I return.
    • CBD ~ CBD oil like Yours Nutrition has been show to help relieve anxiety and reduce stress within the body. If you’re someone who gets stressed out often, don’t worry, there are lots of CBD products such as ashwagandha that can help you out and relieve your symptoms. If you do not like smoking and would prefer to not use these products (CBD, marijuana, mushrooms) in that type of way, there are alternatives such as edibles, gummies, oils, etc. that can be used instead. Click here to view these so you are aware of how to go about it, so you don’t miss out on the help it can give you.
    • Make a list ~ it’s funny, when I’m feeling like I have way too much to do it all seems much more manageable when I put it to paper. Plus, by making a new list, I often get to throw away about ten scraps of paper that have collected on my desk with little notes about things to do…one big list seems much less daunting than a million little notes.
    • Exercise ~ I find a walk or time spent exercising makes me feel so much better, full of energy and ready to tackle anything.
    • Spend time on a hobby you’ve neglected. I always enjoy carving out time in our busy schedule to spend some time on one of my many hobbies like sewing or working on my children’s scrapbooks.
    • Get out of the house ~ when it’s been a wild week I plan a night out: drinks with the ladies, dinner with my husband, or even just to grocery shop by myself. I deserve it. And if I can’t get out of the house by myself then I get out of the house with the kids. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.
    • Turn up the music ~ loud music solves so many problems. And impromptu dance parties are the best!
    • Read a book ~ to myself or to the children. I like to escape to another world for a few minutes to take my mind off of any stress.
    • Ignore the to-do list for a day and do something fun (the world will NOT end if you do this!)
    • Spend an entire day on the to-do list ~ every once in a while I’ll let the kids have an all day movie-marathon and I’ll spend time focused on chores. And often-times I will enlist their help with the chores. It feels good to spend my day crossing things off the never-ending to-do list!
    • Walk in the woods
    • Count my blessings ~ there are so many, and thinking of all the good things in life makes my problems or stress factors seem like less of a big deal.

How do you de-stress?