My friend Lisa shared a very special recipe with me, and she has given me permission to share this recipe with my readers.  The Pudding Shotrecipe is for Pudding Shots.  What’s a Pudding Shot you ask?  Well, it’s part dessert, part cocktail.  It’s a perfect treat to make and take to a party, or in Lisa’s case, to a Bengals Tailgating Party.  Apparently she’s famous for them.  When she started posting about pudding shots on Facebook I became intrigued.  I like pudding.  And I like cocktails.  Seems like the perfect sort of dessert to me.  I now love to make them (and eat them) and I have been know to show up to parties with a tray of pudding shots in hand.  They are an especially nice treat at Bridal Showers.  Say goodbye to Mimosas and hello to Pudding Shots!  You can dress the shots up by using fancy small glasses and adding garnishes such as whipped cream, small cookies, fruit or something of that sort.   The Pudding Shot pictured here is a “Thin Mint” shot made with chocolate pudding & Peppermint Schnapps and topped with whipped cream and a Thin Mint.  Although I should point out that for these shots I didn’t add enough Cool Whip to the mixture, so they were a bit runny.  Lesson learned, always add enough Cool Whip.  These Pudding Shots are pretty easy to make, and always popular with the crowds.

See a list of Pudding Shot combinations below the recipe, and feel free to leave your own ideas for the perfect combination in the comments below.


Pudding Shots
Recipe type: Dessert
  • Pudding
  • Alcohol
  • Milk
  • Cool Whip – one tub per 3oz box of Pudding
  1. Make a box of pudding as directed EXCEPT replace half of the milk it calls for with alcohol of your choice (see tasty pairings from my friend Lisa below).
  2. After the pudding/milk/booze mixture is blended, add a tub of Cool Whip to thicken the mixture.
  3. Put the mixture in the fridge for a bit to firm up.
  4. Once the pudding is firm transfer it to individual containers. This part is tricky, I’ve used an icing bag/tip to do it, and I’ve also used a small measuring cup as well. I have NEVER done this and had it be a clean experience. I have used plastic cups with lids that you can find at liquor stores, they are 1oz containers. I also have some lovely dessert cups that my mother gave me that are nice for parties. You can find mini-spoons that are disposable at Kroger
  5. Shots can be stored in the freezer, and even re-frozen if you happen to have leftovers after your event. If you use the disposable cups consider labeling the lid so you know which flavor is which if you are making more than one flavor.

Here are some popular pudding shot pairings:
Chocolate Pudding with Bailey’s
Vanilla pudding with Peach Schnapp’s and Vodka
Banana Cream Pudding with Banana Liqueur For an added twist you can fill the cup half full with the banana cream mixture and topped with chocolate/Bailey’s so it is like a chocolate covered banana!
Coconut Rum and Vodka
Butterscotch pudding with Butterscotch Schnapps
White Chocolate or Vanilla Pudding with Cinnamon (Hot Damn) Schnapps
Vanilla Pudding with Jim Beam
Chocolate or Chocolate Mint Chip Pudding with Peppermint Schnapps – they taste like a Mint Cookie! When I made these I topped with whipped cream and a Thin Mint Cookie – so good!
Vanilla pudding with Crème de Minth
White Chocolate pudding with Gingerbread Liqueur
Vanilla pudding with Sex on the Beach Schnapps
Pumpkin Spice pudding with Pumpkin Spice Liqueur
Oreo pudding with Gingerbread Liqueur
White chocolate pudding with Caramel Apple Liqueur
For Christmas – red and green shots
Vanilla pudding with Raspberry Schnapps
Vanilla pudding with Sour Apple Schnapps (w/ a little green food coloring)
Irish Car Bomb Pudding shots: Chocolate pudding with 10 ounces of Guiness/8 ounces of milk and filled the cups half full. Freeze them overnight and then add a layer on top of the Chocolate and Bailey’s mixture.

And here’s a picture of the lovely dessert glasses from my Mama:

Libbey Dessert Cups