Loveland Bike Trail SculptureThis summer the kids and I took several great bike rides around town while I was working on a post for the Travel Cincinnati blog, where I am a “Livin in the Cin” contributor. I put together a post about our favorite places to bike ride around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

One of our favorite rides this summer was along the Loveland Bike Trail. We’ve only been cycling on this trail once, but we loved it and we left feeling like we just did not get enough. I’m eager to get back up there with my older bike riders (that’s right Henry, I’m leaving you behind) so that we can explore more of the trail. It’s an easy flat paved trail, and along your ride you get glimpses of the Little Miami River and you might even spot some wildlife, like deer skipping across the trail to the woods on the other side. There were many bike riders on the trail, but I didn’t feel like it was too crowded and the seasoned riders were very patient with my slowpoke youngest. We wanted to bring our dog along but finding a bike trailer that your dog can ride in can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. We didn’t bring our dog in the end anyway though! I found that overall the cyclists on the Loveland Bike Trail were more polite than some of the other places we’ve ridden. It burns me up when we are riding our bikes on paths and people neglect to say “on your left” when passing us. I can’t tell you how many near-accidents this has caused for us. For anyone to suffer an accident while going for a bike ride isn’t something that we want to think about. But knowing that something like this can happen to anyone makes you aware of situations like these. If you know of anyone who has recently suffered a bike accident, it may be in their best interest to speak to specialists at companies like GJEL, just to see what the necessary steps are to take this further.

Luckily, we got into no accidents at these places but if you aren’t that lucky and end up getting injured then you may want to contact someone like this personal injury attorney. If you got to Loveland then you won’t even need to worry about this because everyone seemed to remember their manners and give a friendly shout out when passing. Safety first when biking!

Bike Riding on the Loveland Bike Trail ::

Loveland Bike Trail Kids

Loveland Bike Trail Little Miami River

Loveland Bike Trail Henry Bridge

Loveland Bike Trail Farm Fresh Eggs

Loveland Bike Trail H

Loveland Bike Trail No Trespassing

Loveland Bike Trail Henry Running

Loveland Bike Trail Ella

The Works Brick Oven RestaurantAfter our bike ride we grabbed lunch at The Works Brick Oven Restaurant and then went to the Loveland Castle for some exploring. For more about our favorite places to ride bikes visit Travel Cincinnati. And if you’d like to read about our trip to the Loveland Castle after our bike ride check out this post.

For trail maps, dining ideas, and more information about the trails visit the Loveland Bike Trail website.