Seven Days of Salad 11-23-2014I’ve been trying to make healthy changes for myself and for my family, and one thing I’ve decided to try is to have a salad each day, preferably at lunch because that’s the meal that I make the most bad decisions about.  It seems that I’m usually busy mid-day and end up eating fast food or making poor choices at home and snacking or just eating unhealthy stuff.  I thought that making a pledge to have a salad each day would motivate me to make better choices at lunch time.  Before you say it…I know that salads are not always a healthy choice, but it’s better than what I have been doing.  And I’m trying to be somewhat smart about my salad choices.  I’m not a huge fan of lots of dressing, so I cut a few calories by just drizzling a very little bit of dressing on my salads.  If I can make this happen every week it will make for great, tasty lunches.  Michael teased me that my salads never look the same.  That’s because I like to keep things mixed up so I don’t get bored with this quest.  Hopefully you will find some salad inspiration from these weekly salad posts to spice up your salad routine too!  And if you have recipe ideas or inspiration for me please leave a comment below!

{11.23.14} Last week I endeavored to eat more salads at home, and I did pretty good!  Although I did end up getting salads from restaurants twice.  I just can’t help myself sometimes…I need to change it up!

Seven Days of Salad ::

Monday: I made a fabulous homemade dressing with pears and put it together with a salad of spinach, walnuts, goat cheese and pears.  YUM!  Here’s the recipe:  Spinach Salad with Pears, Walnuts & Goat Cheese

Seven Days of Salad Pear Goat Cheese and Walnut

Tuesday: I needed a quick and easy salad, so I had spinach with Marzetti Balsamic, Wontons and Goat Cheese, easy on the dressing.

Seven Days of Salad 1

Wednesday: Another easy lunch at home…romaine, Balsamic and Goat Cheese with croutons.

Seven Days of Salad 2

Thursday: I treated myself to my favorite salad, the Asian Sesame Chicken Salad from Panera

Seven Days of Salad Panera

Friday: A house salad from Four Seasons Catering in Covington

Seven Days of Salad Four Seasons Catering

Saturday: I skipped lunch but had a nice side salad that my sister in law made for a family dinner.  She had Marzetti Poppyseed dressing for it and it was delicious!

Seven Days of Salad Side

Sunday:  I had a repeat of Monday’s Pear, Goat Cheese & Walnut Spinach Salad – it’s so good!!!!  So good in fact, that I neglected to get a picture before eating it.

Do you have a favorite salad recipe?  Please leave a link in the comments, I’m always looking for new ideas!  And for more salad inspiration visit Family Friendly Cincinnati’s “Super Salads in Cincinnati & NKY” we have a full list of great places to grab a salad in our region.  There are also some great ideas in the SALAD section of my Recipe Archives.  And if you have an eye on my cool napkins, here’s a tutorialfor making them!  See you next week with a whole new list of salads!