Last week we did so much better at eating dinner at home vs. dining out.  There was one evening that Michael was working late and I  had no desire to cook so I took the kids out to eat, but only because we had FREE coupons for kids meals.  And then on Friday night we had a glorious date night out at Moerlein Lager House in Cincinnati followed by a night at the theatre to see “A Comedy of Errors” at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.  But other than that, we ate home cooked meals, which is so much better for the budget!

Menu Plan Monday ::

Philly PizzaTortellini & Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce from Trader Joe’s

Hot Dogs, Truffle Fries & Sauteed Cauliflower & Broccoli

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza & Salad

Frisch’s (with FREE Kids Meal coupons)

Beef Goulash Soup with Grilled Cheese

Friday we had a date night and dined at Moerlein Lager House….amazing food with an amazing view!  See pictures below from our dinner at Moerlein.

Saturday we had dinner with Michael’s family to celebrate birthdays..we had a delicious Italian feast!  I contributed Garlic Bread and it was quite easy to make and very tasty!

Moerlein Lager House:

Oh that view…Moerlein Lager House ViewMichael’s Steak Frites…

Moerlein Lager House Steak Frites


Buffalo Chicken Flatbread…

Moerlein Lager House Buffalo Chicken Flatbread

For more recipe inspiration visit my Recipe Archives or OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday roundup!  Also, I’ve been endeavoring to eat one salad each day, for more about that quest visit my “Seven Days of Salad” post for this week!