Ever since our Harry Potter Family Movie Night Party a few years back I’ve been wanting to make Harry Potter costumes for the kids. Well, not just the kids…for all of us! This Halloween I made it happen, and we created costumes for our family of six to represent the characters from Harry Potter! I put together our costumes with both handmade and store bought items, along with a few borrowed pieces.

I’ll share how I made the costumes, but as for the wands we carried, I have to give major props to Michael’s brother Nicholas. He created a unique wand for each child, and a special wooden wand box with their initials for storage. They were such a special gift for the kids…and fit perfectly with our Halloween plans! I have a few pictures from our annual Halloween celebration to share with you, along with some how-to’s on our costumes.  Just in case any of you are planning Harry Potter costumes in the future.

Harry Potter Halloween ::

Here’s the whole family as Harry Potter characters…Henry was Dobby the House Elf, Ella was Hermioine, Michael was Dumbledore, Sam was Ron Weasley, I was McGonagall and Max played the role of Harry Potter himself.Harry Potter Costumes

For Michael’s costume I went to Theatre House in Covington and bought a cheap slouch hat which I bedazzled with glitter stars (you can’t see them in the picture because I think he had the hat on backwards) and I bought him a cheap wig/beard combo. He wore a blue graduation gown borrowed from cousins and a purple scarf. My costume was just a black skirt with a sweater and a witch hat….I spent the least amount of time on my costume because I was so busy with the others. I could have been more creative with mine.

For the Black Robes I used a super simple FREE online YouTube tutorial from FleeceFun.com. The robes were really easy to make, but I wish I had hemmed around all of the edges so they wouldn’t have frayed. The iron-on Hogwarts patches came from the Patch n Patterns Etsy Shop.

I made the ties using a pattern I bought at Sewn Studio, and I found maroon/golden striped fabric at Joann’s. They wore the ties with their good white church shirts and solid pants. For Ella’s hair we put it up in a bunch of tiny braids the night before Halloween and she slept in them and then….voila…crazy curly hair the next day.

Harry Potter Hermione

For the Dobby costume, I bought a cheap pillow case and cut arm/neck holes in it and then Ella made him felt ears based on this tutorial. I bought the wig cap from “We Got it All” on Amazon.

Harry Potter Dobby

And then there’s the wands…how cool are these?!?! I’m hoping some day my Brother in Law starts selling these on Etsy..wouldn’t they be a hit?

Harry Potter Wands

Here are some more pictures from our Halloween Party ::

The kids had a blast trick-or-treating with friends and cousins…

Halloween Boys

Halloween Girls

And we had delicious cookies from Vivian Sweets

Halloween Cookies by Vivian Sweets

And as excited as I was about our family’s costumes this year, I do believe the costume prize of the night went to the Minion:

Halloween Minion

Does your family dress up together for Halloween, or is it just the kids? I’d love to hear about your costumes in the comments below!