Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & MuseumDuring Spring Break this year we spent a day exploring the city of Hamilton, Ohio.    We spent the majority of our time that day traipsing around the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum.   What a magnificent park it is!  We wandered over hills, through the woods, by the gardens and around ponds on a sunny day checking out all of the bigger than life sculptures.  I only wish we had gone a little bit later in spring when the gardens will be in full bloom.  Or in the fall when the trees are shedding their leaves and changing color.  I guess these are just reasons for us to go back again.  I think that next time we go we will purchase a family membership, they were quite reasonably priced and it would give us even more momentum to make the drive to Hamilton more often to visit this park.

It’s such an amazing sensory experience looking at these great works of art, and the person who greeted us at the park encouraged the kids to reach out and touch the sculptures, which are made of many different materials, from stone to steel to wood to recycled tires.  Just remember, no climbing!   The park is not only home to unique sculptures, but also to an Ancient Sculpture Museum.  We missed out on the Ancient Sculpture Museum by not getting to it before it closed, so now we have yet another reason to go back very soon.  We spent hours walking and driving around the park, getting up close to as many sculptures as we could.  And it wasn’t just fun for the parents, all four of my children learned so much on our visit and were in awe of the fantastic sculptures.  They were still talking about the visit for days.  If your family loves art and loves being outside I highly recommend a trip to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum!  If I haven’t convinced you to visit Pyramid Hill yet, perhaps the pictures below will inspire you to plan your visit soon.

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum ::

All of my babies crammed in a phone booth.  Quote of the day…”What’s a phone booth?”.


Henry loved using the park map to navigate our wanderings:


Age of Stone, by Jon Isherwood:


While we called this one the broken bench it’s actual name is Paul by Martin Gantman, the boys took a little break here:


The Web by Brian Monaghan:


Falline Flora by Don Creech:


Roxanne by George Sugarman:


Another favorite resting place of the boys, The Bench by Tony Rosenthal:


General by an Unknown Chinese Artist:


Sculptures near and far:


Refuge by Chris Daniels and Kirk Mayhew, made of river wood from the area:


Adam’s First Breath by Sam McKinney:


Historic Pioneer House made of Stone:


Tory’s Comet by Harry Gordon:


Skybound by Barton Rubenstein:


Skybound (Ella’s view from below):


Cincinnati Story by George Sugarman:


The Cube by Tony Rosenthal ~ one of their favorites!  It really spins!


One of my favorites…

Wherefore Art Though by Sam McKinney which depicts Romeo and Juliet…so beautiful!



Midnight Serenade Pose 2 by Pokey Park:


J S Bach’s Fugue #1 by Tony Rosenthal:


And here’s one of the largest sculptures in the park, and Max’s favorite, Abracadabra  by Alexander Liberman:


Exploring Abracadabra:


Abracadabra from underneath (Ella took some very interesting pictures!):


Max the explorer:


A quiet moment for Michael:


Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum is located at 1763 Hamilton-Cleves in Hamilton.  It is open every day (weather permitting in the winter) 8am ~ 5pm.  For more information visit the Pyramid Hill website while you are there read about upcoming events…the park hosts many events through the year such as Holiday Lights and a Kids Summer Series.  The park also offers several hiking trails and you can also rent an “Art Cart” to get around during your visit.