Padrino Italian Restaurant in MilfordIf you are a fan of pizza and are taking it upon yourself to try all the great pizzerias in the Greater Cincinnati area then be sure you put Padrino on your list.  Padrino is located in an old building on Main Street in Old Milford and offers not only mouthwatering pizzas but hoagies, pastas, salads and more.  When we visited we ordered a half and half pizza.  The boys had pepperoni while Ella and I shared the other half of the pizza, the Bruschetta….mozz, basil, garlic, parm & tomatoes.  It was sooooo tasty!  In fact, it became Ella’s favorite way to top a pizza.  They have many other specialty pizzas, like the Thai, the Fajita and they even have one named after Foxy Shazam!  I need to get back there and try some more pies.  With our pizza we also shared several appetizers.  The favorites at our table were the Garlic Knots and the Fried Mozzerella Mezzalunas.  It was a really hard to choose what we are going to eat…I’ve heard great things about their pasta!

Padrino has a great selection of craft beers as well, and I love their decor….it’s funky and fun but completely casual.  Padrino is not at all close to our house but I think their pizza is definitely worth the drive and we’ll be heading back sometime soon!  Here’s a few pictures from our visit there a few weeks back that will make you drool.

Padrino Pizza in Milford ::


Padrino Pizza

The kids insisted on posing this picture….to show how excited they were about the appetizers:

Padrino Appetizers

Henry loved designing his own pizza on the kid’s menu….he put blueberries on his pizza!

Padrino Kids Menu

Padrino Fried Mozzarella Mezzalunas

Padrino Henry

This room would be perfect for parties…

Padrino Dining Room

I loved the bright artwork on the walls at Padrino:

Padrino Art

All three of my boys had to make a trip to the bathroom after Max came back from the bathroom giggling about this sign:

Padrino Restroom

Padrino is located at 111 Main Street in Milford, Ohio