For Henry’s 6th birthday we decided on a whim to throw him a party….and because he’s been obsessed with frogs since he was very small we decided to have a Frog Party. One of the deciding factors in having this party is that Ella (my 12 year old) eagerly accepted the position of co-hostess. When all was said and done I’d have to say she was pretty much THE hostess, because she took control and did the lion’s share of the planning, decorating, creating and hosting. She is an excellent party planner! She even thought of making sure we had photos to look back on, by suggesting we hire Exposure Photo Booths! I’ve been to loads of parties that have them and they’re a lot of fun, but unfortunately, we just didn’t have the room. Check out all of her cool ideas below, and keep them in mind for your own party planning…a frog party theme would be perfect for a birthday party OR a baby shower!

Frog Party Fun:

Here’s the party room! Ella made cool frog face lanterns that we hung all over the house. She made them using green paper lanterns we purchased on Amazon and her inspiration came from a picture posted on Pinterest.

Frog Party Fun!

THE BIRTHDAY BOY…check out those cool Frog Boots from Kidorable that I bought from Stoney’s Village Toy Shop.

Frog Party Birthday Boy

FUN & GAMES: To entertain the crew Ella put together items for them to make green collage art and she also made circles for the kids to create Frog Puppets. As an added bonus, we got kits from Home Depot for each child to make their own wooden truck. They loved the crafts and of course loved using the hammers!

Frog Party Crafts

Frog Party Puppets

Frog Party Construction

Frog Party Races

Frog Party Green Collage Art

THE FOOD: Ella and I brainstormed together and came up with a list of green foods we could serve at the party…such as edamame, a green veggie tray, pickles, guacamole, and more. She also made little Frog Pond dessert cups using Jello and Haribo gummy frogs. The kids LOVED those! They were also really excited about the frog cupcakes she made. And to decorate their juice boxes we bought cute froggie water bottle wraps from the “Party Safari by Candace” Etsy shop.

Frog Party Food

Frog Party Cupcakes

Frog Party Jello

Frog Party Juice Boxes

Frog Party Guests

A FEW MORE FROGGIES: Did you notice in all these pictures that the kids were wearing adorable frog eye headbands? Well those were made by Ms. Ella as well! And Max contributed to the party by making an origami frog for each child. And the final froggie treat of the day was a homemade frog towel from Henry’s cousin. What more could a boy ask for on his sixth birthday?

Frog Party Parking

Frog Party Happy Birthday

Frog Party Towel