Carscarones Mexican Confetti EggsHave you ever heard of Carscarones?  They are Mexican Confetti Eggs that are made by hollowing out egg shells and filling the insides with confetti.  Then the Carscarones are cracked over someone’s head, which is supposed to bring good luck.  In Mexico the confetti eggs are used in many celebrations such as Carnival, Easter, Day of the Dead and other celebrations throughout the year.  These crazy little eggs have been quite a hit at our family Easter parties in years past!  Michael’s aunt and uncle spend their winters in Texas near the border to Mexico and bring the Carscarones back for our Easter celebrations.  I have a love hate relationship with the eggs…I took one to the face last year, which wasn’t exactly pleasant, and they make quite a mess.   But I can’t help to have some love for them when I watch my how happy my family is wreaking havoc with these colorful little eggs.  If you can’t make your way to Mexico to get your hands on Carscarones you can find tutorials online for making your own, and many shops on Etsy sell them as well!  Here’s a few pictures from Easters past, having fun with the Carscarones…

Carscarones ~ Mexican Confetti Eggs:

Carscaron Confetti Egg

Cascarones Uncle Bob

Carscarones Grandpa

Carscarones Confetti Eggs Party

Carscarones Matthew and Henry

Carscarones Brothers

Carscarones Brothers 2

Carscarones Henry