The Rook in Over the RhineOur family loves to play board games.  You might even say we are obsessed, so it only makes sense that we would love to hang out at place like The Rook OTR.  What a genius idea to have a bar that serves up board games alongside cocktails and shareable snacks!  The Rook OTR has 800 games lining the walls, from the old classics to new favorites.  There’s even a giant sized Operation game hanging on the wall featuring Mr. Redlegs.   If you are like me and get overwhelmed when presented with too many options you can always ask one of the employees at The Rook to help you find the perfect game for your group to play.

When you go to The Rook you grab a game, order up drinks and snacks and start playing!  The menu offers some seriously unique shareable snack options like homemade gourmet pizza rolls and hot dog rolls.  And the sliders are pretty tasty too.  The service is awesome…they were quick to meet all of our needs, whether it be for another round of drinks or advice on a game.  We had so much fun hanging out and learning how to play a new game, visiting the Rook is a great way to check out a new game before spending the money to buy it and add it to your home collection.  We actually ended up going home and buying the game we played and I can’t wait to go back and check out another new game!

The Rook OTR ~

Just look at all those games….

The Rook OTR Games

The Rook OTR Games 2

The Rook OTR Operation

I love love love the decor at The Rook:

The Rook OTR Hexes

The Rook OTR Room with View

The Rook OTR Bar

I really want this chandelier:

The Rook OTR Chandelier

And the food….the food was out of this world!  Share some snacks with friends when you go to The Rook so you can try lots of different things:

The Rook OTR Food and Games

The Rook OTR Libertalia Sliders

The Rook OTR Chips and Salsa

The bar offers some really interesting cocktails, like the Pretty Pretty Princess, which had actual sparkles and a candy bracelet around the glass!

The Rook OTR Pretty Princess Cocktail

The Rook OTR Pretty Pretty Princess

The Rook OTRThe Rook OTR is located at 1115 Vine Street in Cincinnati.  The Rook OTR is kid friendly until 9pm, after that it’s 21 and up.  They offer some awesome happy hour specials each afternoon.  Follow their Facebook page to find out about deals and events.  Make plans with your family, friends or significant other to get to the Rook OTR to get your gaming fix soon!

The Rook OTR Girls