Weasel Boy Brewing Company in Zanesville OhioWe rarely take a trip away from home without exploring some of the craft breweries in whatever town we are staying.  The craft beer industry amazes me!  You can find interesting homegrown breweries in bustling cities and in the quiet suburbs.  When we went to Zanesville, Ohio earlier this year to visit my cousin David and spend a day at The Wilds we started out our trip at Weasel Boy Brewing Company where we enjoyed tasting great beers and great pizza.

Weasel Boy Brewing was just our sort of brewery, laid back and comfortable where you could kick back and relax with a cold beer.  There’s even a section of the big open brewery room that is set up like a parlor with comfy couches, chairs and tables.  There’s also a fantastic patio out back that looks over the Muskingum River.  According to my boys the patio was the perfect place to fly paper airplanes.  While we hung out with my cousin and caught up we had the chance to try a few different brews and order pizza made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.  I love when a brewery sells food as well…it makes for an even more enjoyable experience.  If you are ever in the Zanesville area make a stop at Weasel Boy Brewing, and try the Brown Stoat Stout beer, it was my favorite!

Weasel Boy Brewing Company:

Weasel Boy Brewing Doors

On tap:

Weasel Boy Bar

Weasel Boy Brewing Living Room

Weasel Boy Brew

Weasel Boy Brewing Puzzles

Overlooking the Muskingum River:

Weasel Boy Patio and River

Paper Airplane competitions on the patio:

Weasel Boy Patio

The boys went for a pepperoni pizza, but the rest of us tried the Albino pizza and it was fantastic:

Weasel Boy Brewing Pizza

Henry and his Godfather David:

Weasel Boy Brewing Godfather

Weasel Boy Brewing Company is located at 126 Muskingum Avenue in Zanesville, Ohio.