Conner PrairieConner Prairie is an experience unlike any other.  Where else can you ride in a balloon, talk to survivors of a Confederate raid, explore a giant tree-house, learn about history and go back in time all in one day?  After visiting Conner Prairie and exploring for a day I left thinking that if this was closer to my house we would definitely be members year after year.  At first glance the outside of the main building & lobby of Conner Prairie appears to be a run of the mill family oriented museum.  Unless of course you see the awesome big balloon floating above the museum and happen to notice that there are museum-goers in the basket of said balloon.  That’s your first clue that this museum is cooler than others.  Another reason this museum is pretty cool is that most of the museum’s attraction are spread across the land surrounding the museum.

In my opinion you need to start your visit to Conner Prairie with a trip in the giant helium filled balloon.  This is a great way to look over the entire grounds and plan out your route for the day.  You can see miles and miles of Indian from high above in the balloon.  I had to get over some fears to step into the basket of the balloon but the views were well worth it.

After the balloon ride we spent hours wandering the grounds of Conner Prairie.  We learned so many interesting things, petted & fed farm animals, played in a giant tree-house, visited the home of William Conner and talked to some awesome period actors (my children said I was terrible at role playing because I kept forgetting what time period I was in).  After we finished visiting the outdoor features we headed inside to the museum for more hands on fun and learning. There was no dull moment while we were at Conner Prairie!  I took a ton of pictures to share with you to give you a sense of how fantastic this place really is.  Next time you are anywhere near Indianapolis be sure to plan for a day at Conner Prairie.

Conner Prairie:

Conner Prairie Balloon

Conner Prairie Balloon Ride 1

Conner Prairie Balloon Ride 2

Conner Prairie Balloon 3

Conner Prairie Home

Conner Prairie Activity

Conner Prairie Home Bedroom 1

Conner Prairie Home Bedroom 2

Conner Prairie House (Back)

Conner Prairie Wheel

Conner Prairie Goat

Conner Prairie Treehouse

CP Indiana

Conner Prairie Covered Bridge

Conner Prairie Dry Goods Store

Conner Prairie Tracks

Conner Prairie Man Walking

Conner Prairie Prairietown

Conner Prairie Sewing Lady

Conner Prairie Town

Conner Prairie School Room

Conner Prairie Store

Conner Prairie Carpenter

Conner Prairie Pigs

Conner Prairie Games

Conner Prairie is located just north of Indianapolis at 13400 Allisonville Road in Fishers, Indiana.

Disclaimer:  My family was provided with complimentary tickets to Conner Prairie and passes for the Balloon Ride for review purposes.  All opinions are 100% my own.