Doe Run Lake Canoe RideSince the weather has not been cooler for the past few days Michael decided to plan a canoe trip for the family.  It was the first time we were taking the boys in a canoe so he wanted to go somewhere with calm water so that their first trip would be smooth sailing.  He decided that Doe Run Lake would be a perfect place for us to go out on the canoes and have a picnic.

Doe Run is a thirty acre lake perfect for fishing, canoeing, picnicking and kayaking.  There are several secluded picnic spots along the shores of the lake that you can get to by boat or by walking along the trails. There are a couple different paths for walking and there are even a few geocaches hidden near the lake.

We spent the afternoon exploring the lake by boat and then snacking and fishing at our own little hidden picnic spot.  It was a great place to spend a special day with the family.

A Day at Doe Run Lake:

Doe Run Lake Canoe

Doe Run Lake Paddlers

Doe Run Lake Trail

Doe Run Lake Picnic

Doe Run Lake Fishing

Doe Run Lake Dad and Sam

Doe Run Lake Ella and Henry

Doe Run Lake Picnic Area

Worms for lunch…

Doe Run Lake Worm

We saw turtles, ducks, fish and even a couple Great Blue Herons on our canoe trip:

Doe Run Lake Heron

Doe Run Lake Selfie

Doe Run Lake is located at 1501 Bullock Pen Road in Covington, Kentucky.