Small City Taphouse BeerSpring Break 2016:  We spent a long weekend travelling to three different cities in Ohio finding unique & interesting places to explore and visit.  We stayed in some awesome hotels, ate some great food and saw so many cool things!  I’ll share our trip with you in a series of installments in the coming weeks to help inspire your own Ohio Road Trip!

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Small City Taphouse:

Whenever we travel it’s a known fact in the family that Mama will not settle for going to a chain restaurant.  I’m all about finding unique and interesting places to eat and drink in whatever city we are visiting.  Picking the right place isn’t always easy when you don’t know anything about the restaurants where you are visiting.  Thankfully for our trip to Sandusky I had some great recommendations from our friends at Lake Erie Shores & Islands Welcome Center for restaurants to check out and we ended up at Small City Taphouse.  This restaurant has fabulous sushi and a craft beer list that would impress any beer lover.  And don’t even get me started on the grilled pork lettuce wraps…they were AMAZING!  I tried to convince our server to tell me how they were made so I could try to make them at home.  The sushi was fabulous too, and it’s made right there at a bar in the dining room.  The boys sat and watched the magic happen as the rolls were made and they were pretty impressed.  I’m so disappointed that we live so far away from this restaurant.  We’d be there all the time if it were near our house!

Small City Taphouse Couches

Small City Taphouse Dining Room

Small City Taphouse Taps

These are the Pork Lettuce Wraps that I can’t stop thinking about:

Small City Taphouse Pork Lettuce Wrap

Small City Taphouse Sushi

Small City Taphouse Pan Fried Pork Dumplings

Is your  mouth watering yet?  Next time you are in Sandusky head to Small City Taphouse and grab a bite to eat!