Making Rainbow Pasta is super easy to do, and can provide hours and hours of fun for kids of all ages.  You can use Rainbow Pasta to create art work, string necklaces, and make patterns.  I colored a bunch of noodles for my classroom recently and the kids had so much fun doing all kinds of cool things!

To make Rainbow Pasta you simply put as many noodles as you want to color into a Ziploc bag with about 1/4 to 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol and lots and lots of food coloring.  Move the pasta around in the bag until it is thoroughly coated.  Then lay the pasta on paper towels or newspaper to dry.  Then VOILA!  You are ready for Rainbow Pasta Arts & Crafts.

Rainbow Pasta Arts & Crafts

Rainbow Pasta Necklaces

This is a very good activity for practicing fine motor skills.  I like to encourage older preschoolers to make a pattern with the noodles when they create their noodle necklace.

Rainbow Pasta Patterns

Using glue, pasta and construction paper help children create patterns out of the pasta.  This is a great pre-math project for little ones.

Rainbow Pasta Masterpieces

Let your preschoolers get creative with glue and noodles.  My class made some really cool creations when left to their own devices with the materials.  Our high school volunteer student even got in on the fun and created a picture!

Noodles of all shapes and sizes air drying after being dyed with rubbing alcohol & food coloring:

Do you have more ideas for Pasta Arts & Crafts for young children?  I would love to hear some new ideas, so comment below!