Blinkers Tavern in Covington is one of our go-to places for a nice date night dinner.  Their menu is so diverse that we can find something delicious no matter what we are in the mood for that day. Over the course of our visits through the years we have had seafood, steaks, burgers, appetizers, salads and more.  We have never had a dish at Blinkers Tavern that we did not enjoy.   In fact, we often talk together to pick out two menu items to order that we will both like to eat so we can share.  This is a big help, because I am one of those people who can never decide what to order when there are too many tasty options on a menu.

From what I can tell it seems that Blinkers Tavern is most well-known around town for two things: their burger specials on Mondays ($6.50 burgers ALL day!) and their steak.  I am a little picky about eating steak dinners at restaurants.  I love when Michael grills steaks at home, his steaks always impress, never disappoint.  So when it comes to ordering dinner in a restaurant I usually opt for other menu items.  Blinkers Tavern is one of few exceptions to my rule.  I really love the steak at Blinkers!  It’s always perfect, and they even have steak special on Tuesdays and Sundays.   Not only is the food fantastic at Blinkers Tavern, but the staff is wonderful as well.  We always love dinner at Blinkers.

Blinkers Tavern

You get what you pay for at Blinkers Tavern, high quality, fresh ingredients in their delectable meals.   When we want to celebrate a special occasion with a memorable dinner out, we often head to Blinkers Tavern.  Here are some pictures from our recent visits, just to make your mouth water.

Start with Soup & Salad:

And don’t forget an adult beverage:




Catfish Special:

Beef Tenderloin Sandwich:

Are you hungry yet after looking at those pictures?!?!  Visit the Blinkers Tavern website for more information about this Covington dining gem.