Recently we had the most amazing zoo visit ever.  We spent a day at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium with my cousin who is a vet extraordinaire.  We have had some crazy animal adventures with him in the past (read this post about The Wilds), but I had no idea what to expect when we arrived at the Columbus Zoo.  I had assumed he would walk us around the place and tell us interesting stories and facts about the myriad of creatures.  Well…he did do that, and his stories were fascinating as always, but then he ratcheted up the fun factor.  He took us to watch a rhino getting an ultrasound, and then proceeded to tell the kids all about the logistics of what was happening (we had a little chat about TMI after this).  After the ultrasound his friends who were tending to the rhino waved us back for an up close and personal rhino visit.  The kids got to pet and feed the giant rhino, which was so very cool!

After we said goodbye to the rhinos David escorted us behind the public perimeter of the Columbus Zoo to their outer buildings, used for maintenance and such.  He took us to the building where the animals used for outreach programs are cared for.  And there we  were introduced to another awesome zoo employee who in turn introduced us to many different animals.  We got to meet a baby kangaroo, a penguin, a baby cheetah and more!  These are the outreach animals that the Zoo takes out for public events, school visits, TV spots and other educational experiences.  This was an experience that I know my kids will remember forever.  It is not every day you get to pet a penguin or sit next to a baby cheetah!

After our session meeting the many outreach creatures we spent the afternoon wandering around the zoo learning about so many critters great and small.  It always helps to have someone knowledgeable of all things animal with you when you walk around a zoo!  If you are anywhere close to the Columbus Zoo I highly recommend a visit to this fantastic zoo and aquarium.  And if you want to add to the fun of the day  you can add a visit to Zoombezi Bay Water Park and cool off after a hot day of seeing animals, or get tickets to one of their behind the scenes tours or even sign your child up for a camp or overnight.  This zoo has so much to offer for kids (and adults) of all ages!  Check our our pictures to get just a glimpse of what we saw on our visit…

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Visit the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium website to plan your trip!