We visited The Stone Center of Kentucky this week and came home with 100 pounds of stones.  The reason for the visit to the Stone Center in Walton is an upcoming event at my preschool where we will be painting rocks with preschoolers from our community and their families.  We are going to create a rainbow rock garden.  This event is happening thanks to a grant from the Center for Great Neighborhood, and I honestly cannot wait!  I will share more about the event after it happens.  But I cannot wait to tell you about how cool the Stone Center is!   They had stones of all sorts, from bricks to marble to cool river rocks.  The customer service was top notch, and the prices for the stones  we got were unbelievable (13¢ per pound).

I went to the Stone Center with two of my boys and my Grandmother who is ninety-something lively years old.  She says she always likes our adventures….even when I take her to sift through stones on a hot summer day.  Please do not worry about me using my grandmother and children for hard labor in the hot sun, we were all rewarded with ice cream at Graeter’s after our stone adventure.  And quite frankly, it did not take us very long to pick a hundred pounds of stones.

While we were only at the Stone Center to get river rocks for my preschool painting party, I now know where I can go when we are in need of stones of any kind, or for products made out of stones.  Check them out for all of your upcoming projects…from home improvements to arts and crafts!

The Stone Center of Kentucky

I feel like this gorgeous hummingbird bird bath NEEDS to be in my yard!

These are a few of the cool painted rocks hanging out at the Stone Center – for more inspiration search for  Hidden Rocks in NKY and join their Facebook Group!

So many rocks to choose from!  Bring your own boxes, bags or buckets to fill or purchase a bag from the Stone Center.

Cooling off with Graeter’s Ice Cream….

The Stone Center of Kentucky is located at 10720 Dixie Highway in Walton, Kentucky.