Whether we are at home or out of town we love to find local breweries to visit, and our adventures all started with Listermann Brewing Company.  This was the first brewery we ever visited years ago, and they are one of our favorites.  Listermann Brewing Company is a family owned business that began as a home brewing supplier and grew into not one but two distinct breweries, as well as a taproom.  They began as Listermann Brewing Company and have created so many great brews under that moniker, but they also have Triple Digit Brewing Company, which creates their higher gravity beers (10.5% alcohol or more).  Triple Digit Brewing Company is the creator of one of my all time favorite beers, Chickow.  I love it as a dessert beer!  You may have heard of Listermann in the news recently when they created a special brew dedicated to Cincinnati’s sweetheart, Fiona the Hippo at the Cincy Zoo.

The taproom at Listermann has grown so much since we first visited years aog, and they even have outdoor seating for warm days.  Word has it that Listermann has grown even more since our last visit and now have an in house restaurant as well, we will have to check that out soon.  Listermann is located near Xavier University and they offer a great family (and pup) friendly space with fun and games and a laid back atmosphere.  The kids played ping pong while we sipped our brews.  You can spend an afternoon or evening at Listermann or just pop in for a quick brew or a growler fill.

Listermann Brewing Company

Listermann Brewing Company is located at 1621 Dana Avenue in Cincinnati