Bircus Brewing Company is part circus and part brewery and it is quickly becoming the neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name.  At least that is how I felt when we hung out there.  You can walk into this brewery and not know anyone in the joint and by the time you leave you will have a whole new set of friends.

We knew a few folks walking in, but while we sat there sampling brews we met all sorts of cool new and interesting folks.  By the time we left my son Max had acquired a recipe for a Key Lime Pie, we had learned all about Covington Street Hockey and we met a local musician.  Bircus is a small and laid back brewery, which gives them a rather cozy feel.  You cannot help but talk to and meet new people!

At Bircus the beer is great, the service is entertaining and the ambiance is perfectly chill.  If you are hungry bring in some grub with you or order from a local restaurant.  Or just nosh on their popcorn (yum!).  And if you have a vinyl collection you can bring your own records to spin while you drink.  And best of all, if the owner, Paulie the Clown or any of his Circus Mojo friends are in the house while you are there then you might even get to witness some sword juggling or some other crazy hi jinks.  Bircus Brewing Company is off the hook, it is one of the most quirky breweries around.  If you are a fan of local breweries and craft beer then you definitely need to check them out!

Bircus Brewing Company

About Bircus: 

BIRCUS, where the surreal world of circus meets the simple love of beer, will deliver a jaw-dropping, thirst-defying brewery experience. Our performers will juggle clubs, breathe fire, hula hoop, walk on kegs and amaze on the trapeze and aerial silks at the Ludlow Theatre and area venues serving our brew. Raise a glass, see a circus and toast to all.

Bircus Brewing Company is located in the heart of Ludlow, Kentucky.  Visit the Bircus Brewing Website to read more about Bircus History and find out hours and other information.