I have always wanted to learn how to make pasta, and it took the recent pandemic to inspire me to do so.  Thanks to Arnold’s Bar & Grill, we learned how to make Gnocchi & Truffle Brie Sauce this week alongside their star chef, Kayla Robison.

Each week, Arnold’s and Kayla release a virtual cooking class on Facebook.  Recently Arnold’s has offered the bonus service of selling the kits to make the meals!  When the Gnocchi &  Truffle Brie Sauce recipe came in to play I could not help myself…it sounded like a delicious dish to try out.  We were not disappointed.

It was a great culinary learning experience for Ella and I.  Now we feel like we can tackle more pasta recipes!  I love cooking with my kids, I love trying new recipes, and we love supporting local businesses.  Now more than ever with the COVID Pandemic.

Quarantine Cooking with Chef Kayla from Arnold’s:  Gnocchi & Truffle Brie Sauce

During the COVID Pandemic Arnold’s closed according to state guidelines, but during the down time they offered a curbside Fish Fry on Fridays.  We had already been to the Arnold’s Friday Fish Fry night, so we know that they have a speedy and safe system down for carry out on Fridays.  If you are lucky, you can hear live music being played out front when you “drive through” for your dinner or cooking kit.  Do yourself a favor and add on an adult beverage.  We had the Old Fashioned cocktail last week and it was DIVINE.

During these strange stay at home days, I have really been encouraging the kids to get in the kitchen and try new recipes.  I figure it is a great learning experience for them, plus less food I have to prepare and clean up after a busy work-at-home day.  This week though, Ella and I had a pasta making adventure together and it was wonderful.  I have always been intimidated by making pasta, but watching Arnold’s Chef Kayla whip it up in her kitchen at home gave Ella and I the confidence we needed to dive right in.

We worked as a team, with Ella creating the gnocchi while I made the sauce and then fried the gnocchi.   I daresay my girl is getting more comfortable in the kitchen than I am.  She jumped right in with the gnocchi making!

I used one of my favorite kitchen gadgets to grate the potatoes, the Rotary Cheese Grater from Zyliss.

The end result was scrumptious.  I see this recipe being added to our regular meal planning rotation and I am thankful for Arnold’s and Chef Kayla for inspiring this special kitchen time with me and my girl.

Links for Recipe & Cooking Class:

Gnocchi & Truffle Brie Sauce Recipe from Arnold’s Bar & Grill

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