It has been a good long time since I have learned how to sew something new with my limited sewing skills.  COVID Pandemic times called for me to learn how to make a DIY Cloth Mask for myself and the family.  It was actually fun to pull out all of my scraps and small pieces of fabric that I have squirreled away over the years and give them new life as a cloth mask for when we go out and about in public.  I forgot how many cool fabrics I had in my collection just waiting to be made into something!

DIY Cloth Mask Adventures

The recommendations on wearing face masks has changed again and again over the course of this pandemic, and has been the source of great debate amongst medical professionals and everyday folk.  Our family is choosing to err on the side of caution and wear masks when we are out and about.  At least for the time being.  And like I said – I am enjoying the new sewing project.

Here is what the CDC has to say about making Face Masks:

Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19

I searched online until I found a tutorial that was simple enough for me to work with.  And then I set about to make masks for us and a few friends and family members.  I had to practice a few times before I got it down pat – the size from this video seems to work for most, but I have had to tweak sizes of fabric and elastic for a few.  Henry says his is a bit too big, so I need  to shorten the elastic.  But if you need an easy peasy tutorial check this one out:

How to SEW a Medical FACE MASK // TUTORIAL   by Erica Arndt

Here are a few more pix from my DIY Cloth Mask making adventures:


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