Throwback Thursday ~ Sam 2008

  Sam at the Butterfly Show Krohn Conservatory Cincinnati, Ohio May 2008  

Otter-opoly ~ Samstyle


100 Days of School ~ Sam Style

 Today was Sam’s 100th day of school, and each year the Kindergarten classes at our school celebrate and ask the children to do a 100 days project.  They want each child to bring in 100 items of some sort, in any way they’d like…you can be as creative as you’d like.  Sam wanted to do...

The Otter Family is Complete

Last Christmas Sam was so upset because he had asked Santa for two otters, and only got one.  You see, I don’t think Santa (or his elves) understood that the reason he NEEDED two otters was because he only had four, and wanted a family of six, just like his own.  He was a little...

Making Dinner ~ Sam Style

Last night we had leftovers for dinner.  Usually leftover night is met with cheers, especially on a night like last night when the leftovers were all kid friendly and some were even leftover from parties.  We had pizza, homemade mac and cheese, BBQ sandwiches, and spaghetti & meatballs.  Well not one of those things interested...

Student of the Month ~ Sam Style

Playing in the Leaves ~ Sam Style

Jumpstart ~ Sam Style

I just dropped Sam off at school for Kindergarten Jumpstart.  It’s a two day introduction to Kindergarten, just to get the kids used to things and comfortable before school starts for everyone next week.  I don’t think Jumpstart is just for the kids though…it’s definitely for the parents.  We have to get used to things...

Turning Five ~ Sam Style

 Sam had a fun-filled birthday today…a class picnic, cool presents from his parents, dinner on the patio at the Sky Galley restaurant where we saw many planes coming & going, and then ice cream at DQ.  What a day!

Preschool Graduation ~ Sam Style

sam’s first soccer game

The boy was on fire! Except for when his allergies were bugging him…

Hard at Work ~ Sam Style

Sam is pictured here doing some very important work on his Transformers laptop: