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Tuscan Chicken Pasta Recipe

Tuscan Chicken Pasta Recipe

Lately our go-to easy pasta dinner has been Tuscan Chicken Pasta.  It is so simple to make, and it is a hearty and delicious dinner.  Before you make this recipe you need to get your hands on some of Colonel De’s Tuscan Herb Blend.  This stuff is the bomb. Tuscan Blend is the one spice...
Salmon the Colonel's Way

Salmon the Colonel’s Way

I’ve been trying to shake things up in the kitchen on Fridays during Lent this year.  We’ve been trying lots of new ways to enjoy seafood.  Last week was a scrumptious Seafood buffet and then this past Friday I made Salmon…the Colonel’s Way.  What’s the Colonel’s Way you ask?  It’s salmon sprinkled with Maple Powder...