Salmon The Colonel's WayI’ve been trying to shake things up in the kitchen on Fridays during Lent this year.  We’ve been trying lots of new ways to enjoy seafood.  Last week was a scrumptious Seafood buffet and then this past Friday I made Salmon…the Colonel’s Way.  What’s the Colonel’s Way you ask?  It’s salmon sprinkled with Maple Powder and Bourbon Barrel Salt, from Colonel De’s Gourmet Herbs & Spices.  Colonel De is known all over Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for his fabulous array of spices offered in three locations in the tri-state area (Findlay Market, Friendly Market & Jungle Jim’s) as well as online.  He really has a spice for every dish…and his spices are high quality and gourmet.  If you don’t know much about herbs and spices, or you want some direction on how to prepare a dish with their spices, the employees at Colonel De’s are happy to help you out.  Often times you can even find the Colonel himself behind the counter guiding customers to the perfect herbs to complete their meal or fill their spice cabinet.

I knew when I saw the maple powder + bourbon barrel smoked sea salt combo that I would just have to try this recipe.  The recipe is super easy to prepare, and received high praise from everyone around my dinner table.   I paired it with roasted asparagus from Madison’s at Findlay Market, a baguette from Shadeau Breads that I bought at Dean’s Mediterranean Market and some amazing gelato from Dojo Gelato.  I got everything I needed for an amazing dinner at Findlay Market last Friday.  I love visiting both Findlay Market and Friendly Market to make a fabulous meal for my family that  is prepared with good quality ingredients that are locally sourced and taste delicious.

Salmon the Colonel’s Way ::

4 Salmon Fillets***

3 tsp. Bourbon Barrel Smoked Sea Salt

6 tsp. Maple Powder

3 tsp. your favorite herb (optional – I did not add anything)

Preheat oven to 350°.  Coat oven safe skillet in oil (my cast iron worked great).  Heat skillet to med-high on stove.  Pat salmon dry.  Sprinkle salt, maple and herb evenly onto the fillets.  Carefully place fillets in the skillet.  When cooked about 1/4 inch on bottom, place skillet into oven.  Cook for 6-8 minutes depending on the size of the fillets.  Note…I had some rather large fillets, so after 8 minutes I flipped the fillets and baked them just a couple more minutes until they were done.

***A note about the fish, we are big fans of getting fresh seafood from our local fish shops.  The quality of the fish makes it taste so much better than the fish you’d buy at your local grocery store.  My two favorite fish stores are Keegan’s Specialty Seafood, Afishionados at the Friendly Market and Luken’s at Findlay Market.

Roasted Asparagus, Shadeau Baguette and Gelato ::





Salmon recipe shared with permission from Colonel De.