Ten Perfect Pool DinnersIt’s pool season – my family’s favorite time of year!  We love to have dinner at the pool and I have put together a list of ten perfect pool dinners that we have in our meal rotation.

We have passes to our local swim club, so we spend a lot of time at the pool over the summer months.  My favorite time of day to visit our pool is late afternoon and early evening.  I like to have dinner at the pool and then bring the kids home just in time for bed.  When they were little they would always crash into bed after swimming for a few hours.

Ordering food to bring to the pool is easy and we do our fair share of picking up carry-out and ordering pizzas.   Lucky for us we have grills at our pool, so that makes cooking at the pool quite easy.  I am going to share my ideas ten perfect pool dinners with you (as well as some awesome side dish ideas), please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below!

Ten Perfect Pool Dinners ::

1486854_864567270237963_862565760318652333_nCamping Grill Packets ~ We made these over a campfire in the fall, but this summer I’m going to make them to throw on the grill at the pool!  Easy to make and SOOOO tasty!

Hamburgers and/or Hot Dogs on the Grill ~ Easy does it…we like to bring homemade Cincy Style chili or a can of Skyline and make our own coneys at the pool.

Pizza on the Grill ~ Here’s our Homemade Pizza Recipes that I love.  I’ve made pizza at home and taken it to the pool to be eaten right away, but this summer I intend to take the pizza stone to the pool and try to make it there!

Shish Kabobs ~ what’s your pleasure?  Steak?  Tofu?  Shrimp?  Chicken?  Taste of Home has a great list of 39 Creative Kabob Recipes that I have been using as a resource to try new recipes.  Or you could get fancy and make Bali Maki on the grill!  How to Make Bali Maki

Tilapia Dinner at the PoolSteak ~ For those special nights at the pool (or when we find a good deal on a good steak).  My favorite Steak recipe is from the KY Fresh Cookbook, if you don’t have that cookbook yet you NEED to get it!

Grilled Tilapia  ~ This is a huge HEALTHY hit in our family!

Wraps – Who needs traditional sandwiches when you can create your own wrap???  Here’s some ideas for using whatever’s on hand:  Whatever’s In the Fridge Wraps

Walking Tacos ~ Eat your chili straight from a bag of chips…what could be more “on the go” than this???” (I warm the chili up at home and bring it with us)

walkingtaco pool dinner

Grilled Chicken Tenders 3Chicken ~  Chicken is so easy to make on the grill, here’s a few of my favorite recipes:  Aunt Annie’s Grilled Chicken Tenders and  Grilled Chicken Bacon Sliders – make the bacon ahead and grill the chicken at the pool!

Snacks for Dinner – Just grab whatever you have in the fridge and cabinets!!!  Peanut Butter Crackers, Pepperoni & Cheese, Veggies & Hummus, Cut up Fruit, Chicken Salad with Crackers, etc.  Give the kids an Easy Lunchbox and tell them to fill it with finger foods!

And a few Awesome Side Dish Ideas ::

Grilled CornFresh Fruit (just cut it up and leave it out for munching)

Grilled Corn

Grilled Squash

Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower (just bring your pan and cook it on the grill!)


Pasta Salad

Grilled Potatoes

Fries from the Concession stand (the kids love this on burger night!)  And recently I’ve discovered that I can make delicious Truffle Fries at the pool…that’s right…fancy fries at the pool.  I just bring my truffle oil, truffle salt and a little bit of parm from home and then order fries from the concession stand.  When the fries are done I put them in a ziploc bag with just a tiny bit of truffle oil and shake them for a few minutes to coat.  Then I put them back in the container they came in from the stand and add truffle salt mixed with kosher salt and a little bit of parm sprinkled on top.  YUM!

Truffle Fries pool

What is your family’s favorite pool dinner???  I’d love some more ideas for this summer!