Spend a Day in Milford OhioA little while back the kids and I spent a day exploring the city of Milford, spending most of our time wandering around the quaint Main Street in “Old Milford”.  We visited many shops, had a delicious lunch, stopped for ice cream and then headed out of Old Milford to Recreations Outlet near 275.  If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area I suggest a visit to Milford to visit an area of town with old school charm and for the kids to blow of some steam at Recreations Outlet.  I love to explore the many towns in our region, and to share our stories with you so that you can find new places to explore.

Spend a Day in Milford:


Pick a pretty day and stroll down Main Street in Old Milford and check out the MANY unique shops, it’s a great way to support local family-owned businesses!  Here’s just a few of the shops along Main…

Milford RRT

We started our walk down Main Street at the Roads, Rivers and Trails store where we picked up a few gifts for the outdoors-folks in our family.  This store has a great selection of items for your outdoors adventures, you could stock up for your next outdoor adventure here.

Milford Scintilla

Scintilla on Main was a cute little gift shop with note cards, personalized items and more.  My favorite item in the shop though was the Barbecue themed Salt and Pepper shakers.  You KNOW I purchased a set for my collection!

That Shop in Milford

There are a few fabulous Antique Shops along Main Street, so it’s a perfect city to visit if you are looking to find vintage treasures!  We stopped by “That Shop in Milford” for a quick look around and I saw many treasures that would add character to our house (and a few fab vintage S&P shakers).  I’m eager to go back without the kids so I can really explore the antique shops in this area.

Milford Enchanted Moments

Enchanted on Main was the most unique gift shop that I’ve ever been in!  What a collection of eclectic items available for any sort of gift giving, or for buying yourself a little treat.

Milford Coolest Toys on Earth

Milford Greatest Toy Store Dog PooIf you asked my kids what their favorite shop was on Main Street in Milford they would  most likely unanimously agree that it was The Coolest Toys on Earth shop.  This small shop is crammed from wall to wall, floor to ceiling with some of the most interesting and unusual toys you could imagine.  Toys and games for all ages!  And they also offered some really odd items.  Like fake dog poo.  Yep.  Fake dog poo….because somewhere there’s a market for that sort of thing.  My boys certainly thought it was  hilarious.  We also spotted the elusive Big Foot at this shop.  It was seriously the Coolest Toy store on Earth!  I’m going to need to head back to this shop, and all the shops on Main Street to do some holiday shopping this year!

Milford Coolest Toys on Earth Bigfoot


Milford PadrinoThere are quite a few dining options in Old Milford, and we had a tough time trying to narrow down where to eat lunch, but after much debate we ended up at Padrino for pizza and snacks.  Our pizza was soooo good!  And we also tried several different appetizers that the kids gobbled up.  Mama was impressed by the beer selection, I love to see restaurants serving local brews!  Lunch at Padrino was fantastic and you can read more about our feast in this post on the Little Things Blog.

If pizza isn’t your thing take a walk up and down the street and check out the other dining establishments.  There are a few to choose from and all of the menus seemed interesting to me, so I can’t wait to go back and try another restaurant.

Old Milford Parlor 1

After lunch we stopped by the Old Milford Parlor where you can get a cup of coffee or a sweet treat like soft serve ice cream with any sort of topping you can think of.  It’s such a cool throw-back shop, and we enjoyed kicking back and eating ice cream before exploring more shops.  You can read more about the Old Milford Parlor in this post I published a while back:  The Old Milford Parlor: Coffee & Ice Cream.

Milford Auel's Fine Chocolates

As if the ice cream wasn’t enough we also stopped in Auel’s Fine Chocolates for another sweet treat for the road!  Auel’s offers a huge selection of various chocolates and chocolate covered items all handmade with their old secret family recipes.  Along with their scrumptious homemade treats they offer other popular candies.


Recreations Outlet 3

Before heading back home we spent an hour at Recreations Outlet and the kids had an absolute blast!  Recreations Outlet offers kids a chance to check out all sorts of play structures and trampolines (that are all available for purchase).  So if you are in the market for a new playset or trampoline, or you just want to wear your kids out, head up to Recreations Outlet to test drive all the models they have to offer.  You can also shoot some hoops, ride scooters, and MORE.  There’s even a hair salon on site where kids can get a hair cut in between play sessions.  Visit the Recreations Outlet website for pricing, hours and directions.

Recreations Outlet 2


Recreations Outlet 4

This is what we did in JUST ONE DAY…I know there’s more fun to be had in Milford, so give me some ideas in the comments below for our next visit to this awesome town!