Last weekend I attended Bloggy Con 2017 at the Breakers Hotel in Sandusky, and the family came along for some fun and games at Cedar Point.  The conference was fantastic, and I learned so many great tips to implement on the blog.  Now I just need to find some time to sit down and make these tweaks and improvements.  Technology is an ever changing beast, so I love this conference each year to learn more about blogging and social media.  Just sitting and casually chatting with other bloggers can be an inspiration for doing things differently or changing things up on the blog.  While I was there for the main purpose of learning, I was also there to have fun with the family.  And oh boy…did we have fun!

This was the fourth time we have spent a weekend in Sandusky, we have gone three times for the conference and once for Spring Break.   With the purchase of my conference ticket and hotel suite we were given tickets for the family to enjoy Cedar Point.  Going to an amusement park is a rare occurrence for our family, so you can imagine how excited they are all when September rolls around and we get to visit Cedar Point!  And best of all, when we are there they are celebrating Halloween with “Halloweekends”, which just makes the amusement park experience even more awesome.  I took tons of pictures to share with you to show you just how much fun we had this weekend.  And there are links to more places to go when you plan a weekend in Sandusky!

A Weekend in Sandusky 2017:

The gorgeous view of Lake Erie from our balcony:

Henry had no fear during the scare parade:

Tomo Hibachi:

Small City Taphouse:

Sandusky is about a four hour drive from Greater Cincinnati, and I highly recommend people to visit this area.  Even if amusement parks are not your thing there are tons of things to do in this area, from indoor water parks to safaris to ferry rides to islands.  Get in touch with Shores and Islands and they will help you find the most fun for your family.

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