Blume Floral Studio, located in the MainStrasse Village in Covington  is the most unique flower shop I have ever had the chance to visit.  You will not find run of the mill carnation bouquets at Blume.  Every arrangement is created carefully with an eye for beauty and originality.

Blume Floral Studio

I have been trolling Blume ever since they opened via my sister’s Instagram account.  She is a frequent shopper at Blume and always has the most gorgeous bouquets to decorate her home.  And as an early Christmas present my sister took my daughter and I to Blume for a class where we got to decorate a gourd with succulent plants.  I was not so sure about this class, because I do not see myself as an artistically talented person.  With the owner’s expert guidance and the help of others at the class  I feel like I made a pretty amazing piece of floral artwork to grace our Thanksgiving table.

This class was so much fun, it sort of felt like we were just hanging out in someone’s home while creating floral masterpieces.  Sande, the owner, was the hostess with the mostest serving us snacks and sweets and chatting with us to get to know everyone while we decorated our gourds.  I have a feeling I will be back to Blume soon, I am so impressed with the creations Sande comes up with and her class was a blast.  Next time you are in Covington stop by  Blume Floral Studio and pick up some lovelies for yourself, or a friend.

Here is one of the beautiful arrangements my sister bought at Blume:

Blume Floral Studio is located at 607 Main Street in Covington.